Canada’s plastic bills: Quick! Spend them before they melt

Melted bills These new polymer $100 bills allegedly melted after being placed in a tin box near a heater.

From The Record:

Turns out Canada’s new $100 and $50 bills can’t stand the heat after all.

Under certain conditions they will curl up like bacon in a frying pan.

“The Bank of Canada cannot rule out that polymer notes may be damaged under certain extraordinary conditions,” Julie Girard, a currency spokesperson for the Bank of Canada, told the Toronto Star Thursday.

According to various reports, the so-called indestructible polymer bills will shrink under intense heat, be it the inside of a car or placed next to a heat source.

The new $100 bills, which were introduced in November, underwent scientific tests to make sure they withstood various conditions, the Bank of Canada says. The polymer $50 was introduced earlier this year.

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