Jimi Hendrix’s experience – the records that inspired a genius

From The Independent:

Some of the music that inspired Jimi Hendrix and helped to mould one of the most influential performers in history can be revealed today. Fans will be able to see for the first time later this month some of the albums in Hendrix’s personal record collection.

The musician, who would have turned 70 this year had he not choked to death on a cocktail of drugs and alcohol when he was just 27, was a voracious collector of vinyl, buying anything and everything that might expand his musical horizons.

The IoS has been given exclusive access to Hendrix’s collection of 200 albums, now owned by the Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen, ahead of a selection of his bluesier favourites going on show to the public on 27 July.

The exhibition, “Here My Train a Comin’ – Hendrix Hits London”, which also features clothing and guitars, is at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden, London, from 27 July. Here we looks at 10 albums owned by Hendrix, and Jacob Murray names the songs or styles they influenced.

Django Reinhardt Europe’s Greatest Contribution to Jazz

Features the fast finger-picking style of a self-taught Romany master of the guitar. Hendrix named his group ‘Band of Gypsys’ in Django’s honour.

The 5th Dimension Up, Up and Away

A Jimmy Webb-written song from soulful pop and R&B vocal group, who influenced Jimi’s poppier sound.

‘The Wind Cries Mary’ Little Richard – Vol 2

The second gospel album by the singer/pianist from 1958. Richard is considered the link between R&B and rock and roll. Hendrix was influenced by Richard’s dance moves and stage presence.

Bob Dylan John Wesley Harding

Dylan returned to an acoustic sound, after three electric albums, with this 1967 record. Hendrix was a well known Dylan fan. Covered ‘All Along the Watchtower’ a year after he heard this album.

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