31 Digital Music Execs Sound Off On How P2P Battle Led To Music Industry Demise

From Hyepbot:

A fascinating new report from Associate Professor Michael A. Carrier at Rutgers University School of Law, entitled “Copyright and Innovation: The Untold Story”, interviews 31 CEOs, company founders and VPs who have worked in digital music over the past 10 years. It illustrates the digital music landscape in the aftermath Napster’s shutdown, demonstrating how the battle between P2P and the music industry has stunted innovation, discouraged investment in the music technology sector, and ultimately led to a complicated copyright law-dominated environment that has widened the gap between technologists and music.

Among those interviewed include Hank Bank (former Napster CEO), Dalton Caldwell (Imeem founder), Kasian Franks (Seeqpod founder), Rob Glaser (Real Networks founder), David Hyman (former Gracenote CEO), Michael Merhej (AudioGalaxy founder), and Michael Robertson (founder of MP3Tunes), Hilary Rosen (former RIAA CEO) among others, as well as several other venture capitalists and label executives.

Carrier illustrates in the 63-page report, which was first spotted on TorrentFreak, that once Napster had lost the battle and was forced to shut down, venture capital funding for digital music “became a wasteland.” Some interviewees called the scene a “scorched earth kind of place” that housed a “graveyard of music companies,” as some go on to say in the report. Major labels began suing rampantly, so naturally, funding was hard to come by.

For a download of Carrier’s full 63-page report, click here.