In 1981, Duran Duran always assured they had a tour rider that explicitly required every state’s Age of Consent law was known to them

From The New York Post:

Duran Duran was offered sex by so many young women during the group’s US debut, the band’s call sheets included the local age of consent in every state they played.

“Of absolute necessity for any touring musician is the itinerary,” bassist John Taylor recalls of his group’s first US tour, in 1981, in his upcoming autobiography, “In the Pleasure Groove.” “In the left-hand corner of each page of the US itinerary, there was a number, usually 18, 21, or 20. It was months before I was let in on the secret. The numbers referred to the legal age for sexual intercourse in that particular state.”

Taylor says he was in such a haze of sex and drugs that another sheet handed out daily included such basic information as “Today is October 3. It is Friday. You are in Chicago.”

Despite the adulation, Taylor says, in a manuscript obtained by Page Six, he began to use women and drugs to stave off loneliness on tour.

“I didn’t want to be lonely, and the drugs ensured I never was,” he writes in the book, out from Dutton this fall. “I’m a pinup on thousands of bedroom walls, but the fear of loneliness is turning me into a cokehead.”

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