Music Marketing With Twitter Hashtags

From Hypebot:

Twitter hashtags are increasingly used to connect communities and focus conversations on Twitter and that includes musicians and music fans. Rapper Plan B is using hashtags in on and offline marketing to offer access to streaming tracks from his upcoming soundtrack album “iLL Manors.”

While hashtags have been used in a variety of music marketing campaigns, Madalyn Sklar’s GoGirls women’s music community Twitter chats have used hashtags to build a more long-term community relationship.

Rapper Plan B is releasing the soundtrack album for his film iLL Manors on July 23rd in the UK. A Twitter hashtag campaign is part of the marketing mix according to an email from Atlantic Records UK:

“Fans will be able to access a selection of exclusive, unheard tracks prior to the release of ‘ill Manors’ by sending a tweet including the hashtag #illmanorsalbum. The hashtag along with the message ‘hear brand new songs from Plan B’ will be included on all offline advertising around the release, including outdoor posters, television adverts and digital advertising boards.”

“Anyone tweeting to the hashtag #illmanorsalbum will receive an automated reply from the account @illmanorsalbum including a secret link to Plan B’s official SoundCloud page where they will be able to stream the exclusive tracks.”

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