You’ve been wrongly imprisoned for 27 years, what do you want to do next? Sing the national anthem at a Tampa Bay Rays game? Done.

Finally freed in 2008, William Dillon did 27 years for a crime he didn’t commit. Tonight, he sings the national anthem at the Rays game.

From The Tampa Bay Times:

The story of William Dillon is as tragic as a man wrongfully imprisoned for 27 years for murder, a story of bad evidence, flawed witnesses and a discredited investigation.

And today, it is a story as American as baseball.

Tonight, just before the Tampa Bay Rays hit the field at the Trop to take on the Cleveland Indians, a 52-year-old man whose life went down a road most of us can’t imagine will stand before the crowd to sing the national anthem, his voice steady, gravelly, a little Johnny Cash.

To be there for this after all that? “Utterly amazing,” he tells me.

In 1981, he was 21, living in Brevard County and a pretty fair baseball player himself. He worked two jobs — carpenter’s helper and bowling alley mechanic — chased pretty girls and tried to figure out the rest of his life. Turns out it was out of his hands.

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