Jason Aldean Changes New Single’s Lyric From ‘Shiner Bock’ to ‘Rocky Tops’ for Coors Endorsement

From Billboard:

Jason Aldean has altered the lyrics of his new single “Take A Little Ride” to accommodate a new endorsement deal, according to a note sent Tuesday morning by the promotions team at Aldean’s Broken Bow Records.

“Jason Aldean is in the process of signing an endorsement deal with the Coors Brewing Company,” the BBR Promotion Team writes in the note, sent out to country radio one week after the song was initially serviced. “With that, he has changed the ‘Shiner Bock’ line in the song ‘Take A Little Ride’ to ‘A couple Rocky Tops.’ We respectfully request you exchange this version with the one you are currently playing.”

The move is particularly noteworthy given the anticipation and strong early sales for the single. As Billboard reported late last week, “Take A Little Ride” is on track for a top 20 debut on this week’s Billboard Hot 100, with early estimates pegging the song to be on track for the biggest debut ever for a digital song by a male country artist.

Beer brands aren’t the only products Aldean name-drops in “Take a Little Ride.” The song’s chorus begins with the line “Well I’m just ready to ride this Chevy / Ride this Chevy down a little back road.” Separately, Aldean was featured as one of the faces of Mountain Dew’s new “How I Dew” campaign alongside other music stars like Lil Wayne and Mac Miller.

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