KCRW’s Slick New System Lets Indie Bands Submit Their Own Tunes

From Mashable:

CRW, an NPR affiliate station and Los Angeles indie music mainstay, introduced on Tuesday a new digital music submission system that will help independent artists make their way onto public radio.

The new-and-improved MALCOLM, as the station affectionately calls its internal record filing system, offers artists the chance to create profiles that include a bio, photo, social media links and three of their best tracks. Artists can then designate which DJs and/or shows their tracks are best suited for and receive notifications when a KCRW DJ has commented or rated their music.

KCRW prides itself on being one of the few radio stations that still accepts and listens to demos and unsolicited music. It’s what has long rendered the station a tastemaking hub for up-and-coming musicians and their fans. KCRW’s flagship program Morning Becomes Eclectic has been on the air for over 30 years. KCRW DJs have introduced listeners to such artists as Florence + the Machine, Coldplay, Massive Attack and Norah Jones.

As a gracious and ardent supporter of independent musicians in Los Angeles and beyond, KCRW hopes that MALCOLM will just make it easier to get great new music out to its listeners.

“Independent artists are more important than ever and we want to champion as many as we can, yet the volume of submissions we receive has grown exponentially, said Anne Litt, Music Program Director. “We were asking ourselves how we can better serve these musicians and we came up with MALCOLM. It’s fast, easy and allows KCRW to do what we do best — support and share artist’s work.”

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