The aftermath of Auora Theater Shootings: Uninsured victims could have medical bills around $2 million

From CBS News:

Victim Caleb Medley was shot in the eye at the Aurora movie theater massacre and remains in intensive care in an induced coma. In the same hospital, one floor away, his wife Katie is about to give birth to their first child.

“He’s a strong guy,” said Seth Medley, Caleb’s brother. “I’m not used to seeing him like that. I don’t ever want to see him like that again.”

But even if Caleb fully recovers, what happened at the midnight movie threatens to ruin the couple financially. His family has been told medical bills could total $2 million. Longtime friend Michael West is trying to raise money.

“Caleb, he doesn’t have any insurance so I put together a website,” Michael said, adding that Caleb was looking forward to being a dad. “We’ve talked to him because we know he can hear us. He needs to get better because he needs to be a dad.”