EBay To Target Under-18 Set

From The Wall Street Journal:

EBay Inc. is exploring ways to harness an untapped class of buyers: kids.

The Internet company may allow consumers who are under 18 years old to set up accounts and access the eBay.com website to buy vintage T-shirts, jewelry, school supplies or other products, said Devin Wenig, eBay’s president of global marketplaces in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

To appease privacy concerns, eBay likely will require the accounts have parental authorization. Mr. Wenig said minors would be able to buy most items available on the site, but eBay would design ways to shield younger users from viewing or purchasing adult content and products.

“We’re definitely looking at ways to legitimately bring younger people in,” said Mr. Wenig. “We wouldn’t allow a 15-year-old unfettered access to the site. We would want a parent, an adult as a ride-along.”

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