DJ Shadow distributes through BitTorrent… and gets paid for it

From Music Ally:

Two years ago, DJ Shadow told his fans that “I won’t give my art away”. Now he’s become the latest and most high-profile musician to distribute a ‘bundle’ of music and content through a partnership with BitTorrent. Yes, for free.

There’s a big difference to previous BitTorrent campaigns by Counting Crows, Death Grips, Chester French and other artists though: DJ Shadow is getting paid for downloads of his bundle – the first time an artist has been paid directly for BitTorrent distribution of their work.

How? The bundle will include tracks and related content for DJ Shadow’s Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions from the MPC Era (1992-1996) album, but it will also include a “free software offer” from BitTorrent’s advertising partners.

The partner and software will vary by territory, but in most parts of the world it will be a media player application. People can choose not to download that software, but if they do, the partner pays BitTorrent, and DJ Shadow gets a cut.

The deal is a partnership between BitTorrent, DJ Shadow and his digital marketing team Fame House. It’s the latest example of BitTorrent working directly with creators (including filmmakers, authors and games developers) to put its filesharing technology to legal use.

“We’ve seen how relevant and meaningful good content offers are to our users, and how supportive the BitTorrent community is of the content creators we work with,” says CEO Eric Klinker in a statement.

“New business models built on top of the BitTorrent ecosystem are the future of content. This is where fans are. It’s time to bring artists, filmmakers and game developers into that conversation in meaningful ways too.”

It’s an intriguing partnership, so Music Ally talked to BitTorrent’s executive director of marketing Matt Mason – also the author of blog and book The Pirate’s Dilemma – to find out more about the DJ Shadow bundle, and BitTorrent’s wider ambitions.

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