See’s Candies creates world’s largest lollipop – over 7,000-pounds

From Yahoo:

See’s Candies marked National Lollipop Day by crafted the world’s largest lollipop, standing nearly six feet tall, 3 feet six inches wide, and weighing 7,003 pounds.

The chocolate-flavored lollipop was constructed at the company’s factory in Burlingame, California, before being displayed in San Francisco on July 20. The lollipop also includes an 11-foot 10-inch stick, though the Guinness Book of World Records did not include it in the final calculations.

The Tootsie Roll brand ran a famous advertisement claiming it took three licks to get to the center of its pops. How long do you think it would take to finish this 7,000-pound monstrosity? And if you need something to wash down all that chocolate, you can sip on the six-foot five-inch, 71-gallon daiquiri, which was recently created in Cuba to honor the birthday of Ernest Hemingway.