INXS to release unseen Michael Hutchence footage

From WENN:

Rockers INXS are releasing previously unseen footage of tragic frontman Michael Hutchence to mark the 25th anniversary of their breakthrough album “Kick.”

The band is reissuing the iconic 1987 release, which has become one of the biggest-selling Australian albums of all time with more than 14 million copies sold worldwide. The new deluxe edition, set to hit shelves in September, will include unheard demos, a tour poster, documentary clips of Hutchence and never-before-seen handwritten lyrics by the singer, who died in 1997.

INXS manager Chris Murphy says, “It’ll be an amazing, super-duper package. There’s stuff that was recorded with Michael for “Kick” that didn’t go on the album.” The group, now fronted by Ciaran Gribbin, also plan to play “Kick” from start to finish in Australia later this year. Murphy adds, “We’re thinking about a very limited tour, a 25th anniversary tour to play ‘Kick’ live. Ciaran has been an extraordinary find. It’s like fate. Michael is helping us here. He would have loved Ciaran.”