What The Music Industry Can Learn From Rage Against the Machine’s First Gig

From Hypebot:

Through the wonders of modern technology, we can transport ourselves back to 1991 and catch the very first Rage Against The Machine gig. Recorded on a primitive camcorder perched to the right of the stage, the show is captured in all its gritty glory. What makes this a fascinating case study is that this set is chockablock full of future classics. Through the gnarly on-board mic the band still sounds fantastic, they play the show like they are playing their hits to thousands, not with pompous poses and a well-groomed image, but with real honest heartfelt power.

Every band has been here, playing to a bunch of people who don’t know who you are, don’t know your songs, and the majority with an agenda more focused on checking out their future breeding prospects than the intro riff to your future hit.

But watch the concert and see who takes notice. You can visibly see RATM tribe build. The masses that walk past probably paid $100 for a ticket in future years and never even realized they caught a glimpse of Rage’s first show. That is the majority of people, they don’t care about your band, they only care about themselves.

This is where the music industry has faltered, they have been so intent on the focusing on the masses that walk past and don’t really care, that they forgot the importance of the core few who stick it out from day one.

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