Iconic rock album art locations revealed

From The New York Times:

Simon & Garfunkel: Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.
Ever wondered where famous photos were actually taken? If you’re even a bit nostalgic, you’ll love getting to the bottom of where iconic album art was first photographed. Popspotsnyc creator Bob Egan has done his homework and uncovered the locations of iconic album covers from Simon & Garfunkel’s Wednesday Morning, 3am to the original Broadway album of West Side Story. By day Egan is a commercial real estate agent, by night Egan says he’s a “pop culture/rock and roll detective.” Take a trip down memory lane with him … Simon & Garfunkel shot this subway cover on the lower platform of Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street in New York City. The outbound E and F subway lines run out of this platform.

Bob Dylan: The Freewheelin’
Back in the 1960’s, Bob Dylan was Freewheelin’ down the corner of Jones Street and West 4th Street in New York City to get this iconic shot.

Steely Dan: Pretzel Logic
Steely Dan’s third studio album produced this quite straight-forward album art. The cover for Pretzel Logic was shot on Fifth Avenue and 79th Street in New York City. The cart sits just above the 79th St. Transverse near the “Miners’ Gate” park entrance.

Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisted
Bob Dylan didn’t really revisit Highway 61 for this album cover, instead he took a seat on the steps of 4 Gramercy Park West in New York City.

Neil Young: After the Gold Rush
Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush featured southern country folk music, but album art came straight from New York City. The cover was photographed on the northwest corner of Sullivan Street and West 3rd St. – also known as Greenwich Village, NYC.

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