YouTube Wants You To Comment Under Your Real Name

From Techdirt:

YouTube (famous for its often-awful comments) has never been completely open, but the majority of commenters use standalone accounts with pseudonyms. Now, according to a recent CNN article, YouTube is actively encouraging users to link their accounts with their real identities (via Google+, of course), not just by prompting them to do so but also by asking them to explain why if they decline.

“Try to comment on a video today and a window will pop up with the title “Start using your full name on YouTube,” which will sign you in with your Google+ account. A YouTube spokesperson told BetaBeat that this option has been offered since June 29 and that users with a Google+ account will see the same thing if they try to upload a video.
If you don’t want to use your Google+ account, you can refuse — but then you’re taken to a second prompt, which asks “Are you sure?” Then, like some kind of Internet degenerate, you must explain why you don’t want to use your full name.”