Raekwon says Cuban Linx Pt. III will arrive before 2014

From MTV:

There is no specific ritual that Raekwon goes through on August 1. In fact, the Chef woke up this morning not even realizing that it was the 17th anniversary of his classic solo debut Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…

When Rae dropped OB4CL on August 1, 1995, his group, the Wu-Tang Clan, was already taking the world by storm with their kung-fu-themed rap standouts. With Cuban Linx, the Chef took the Wu’s already familiar sound and added a mafioso twist by crafting a cinematic crime narrative throughout the course of the 18-track opus. Before the LP was released, Raekwon knew he had an album that would resonate with rap fans everywhere, even if the people at his label did not.

The Chef says fans can expect Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. III before 2014, but he plans to drop a currently untitled project first. “I know that, at the end of the day, people are paying attention to The Three, and my thing is when I give them The Three, I wanna give you The Three and I’m gonna give it to you at the level you can respect it,” he said in his usual cryptic speech before switching to talking in the third person. “I just want people to be open and understanding that he is concerned with us wanting to have Three, and at the same times, he gonna do other things to impress the masses as well.”

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