Amanda Palmer Talks Twitter: ‘It’s Replaced Google and Management’

From Billboard:

Amanda Palmer has had quite a year. The former Dresden Doll-turned-social media maven made waves with a Kickstarter campaign that netted her over a million dollars towards her new album, largely based off her highly engaged fanbase with whom she communicates regularly on Twitter. With almost 600,000 followers (595,737 by press time), it can be a full-time job, but Billboard spoke with Palmer about her strategy, success, and the value of interaction on Twitter. You’ve had a busy year on Twitter.
Amanda Palmer: It has been a fucking great year on Twitter. I could write a whole fucking book about Twitter. It changed the way I view touring for sure.

How so?
Twitter has replaced Google and management. I can ask my fans for help. Like, “we need to borrow an acoustic guitar for a radio promotion that just popped up. Can someone bring me a guitar?” In the old days you’d have to call your management company or a local promoter, whoever was on the ground to help you that day. This way some cool fan of yours shows up with an acoustic guitar and they are really happy. You would be happy because you don’t have to run around or pay for it.

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