Amazon exec allegedly fooled by fake Tom Petty agent online

From CNET:

You have to be careful which band you book for your wedding. Your choice carries with it a message.

If you book the Libertines, your wife may look at you askance. If you tell her it’s the Porcupine Tree, well, please imagine her face.

So one wonders whether sufficient thought went into Amazon Senior Vice President Brian Valentine’s choice of Tom Petty. When your Valentine brings you something Petty, trouble may ensue.

In this case, it apparently did — but from an unexpected source.

I hear down the Geekwire that Valentine thought he could book Petty online. Amazon’s whole raison d’etre is that you can buy anything online.

However, as The Smoking Gun describes in deep detail, Valentine — who spent 19 years being very important at Microsoft — allegedly found the Web site of Chad Christopher Lund.
It seemed that Lund was the go-to man not only for Petty, but for such diverse entertainments as Ludacris and Kansas.

Court papers — we’ll get to that shortly — claim that Valentine was told by Lund that Petty would play at his wedding for a mere $330,000.

Contracts were allegedly exchanged — these are now said to be fakes — and $165,000 was allegedly sent by Valentine to Lund.

Lund then allegedly gave Valentine the details of Petty’s production manager. Sadly, contact allegedly never materialized.

With 3 months to go before his wedding to fellow Amazon executive Gianna Puerini, Valentine went to the top — to Petty’s management. He was told no one there knew of any Chad Christopher Lund.

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