How The Huffington Post Keeps All Those Tweets Flying

From Cotently:

The Huffington Post is a social media beast. The “internet newspaper” has 657,000 Facebook fans, nearly 2 million Twitter followers and a commentary rate that can rival total page views on other news sites.

Additionally with HuffPost Live 321 — a live streaming video network featuring community contributors that’s set to launch later this month — social media will become an editorial product itself.

Launched in 2005, Arianna Huffington’s namesake publication has lots of balls in the air and requires an entire social media team as well as open-minded strategy to keep them going.

“It’s a lot to deal with,” Dean Praetorius, HuffPo’s senior editor of trends and social media, said regarding the site’s more than 50 vertical accounts, covering subjects as oppositional as weddings and divorce and as far-reaching as politics and entertainment.

The editors for these sections create their own social media posts, which HuffPo’s social media team can then choose to use for the website’s main accounts, which have the capability of catapulting content to devices across the world.

“We are very well aware that our main feeds can be launching pads for viral content,” said Praetorius, 24, a Boston College graduate in communications.

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