England Riots one year on: Indie music rises from the ashes

From BBC:

As thousands of CDs and records went up in smoke the already hard-pressed indie music industry looked set to face yet another challenge.

When the Sony DADC centre in Enfield was set on fire by rioters some in the industry warned it could be a “watershed moment” for small independent labels already struggling with the threat posed by digital downloads and illegal file-sharing.

But one year on the centre is poised to reopen and there have been no reports of labels going bust as a result of the arson attack.

So how has indie music risen from the ashes of the England riots?

Alison Wenham, chairman of the Association of Independent Music (AIM), said after the fire the focus became about financial support.

She said: “We very quickly put together a disaster fund for those labels affected.

“By Wednesday (10 August) we had £350,000 donated or advanced by larger independent labels who had also been affected but not to the same extent.”

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