Guy bets Darius Rucker $500 that he doesn’t really own “The Best of Patsy Cline”. Rucker tweets a picture of the CD and tells the guy to send the $500 to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

From The Boot:

You’d be hard pressed to find a country singer who hasn’t been the target of the anonymous Twitter user known by the handle @NotJakeOwen. Yesterday (Aug. 1), the fearless commentator set his sights on Darius Rucker, tweeting, “$500 reward to anyone that can prove @DariusRucker owns the best of Patsy Cline in his music collection.”

The jab was, of course, in regards to Darius’ chart-topping hit, “Alright,” in which he sings, “I’ve got a stereo and the best of Patsy Cline.”

While @NotJakeOwen — a.k.a. “Cake Bowen,” whose only descriptor is “I’m not Jake Owen” — has received many responses from various artists, he probably didn’t expect Darius to call his bet, posting a picture of the Patsy Cline CD (see below) and, “@NotJakeOwen Pay up – $500 and make it out to @StJude.”

As you can see above, not only does the former Hootie and the Blowfish frontman live up to his claim in the hit song’s lyrics, he’s got a a pretty diverse collection, ranging from Radney Foster to Stevie Wonder.