62 Ways to Discover Music

From Digital Music News:

1. Talking to friends.
2. Going to the supermarket.
(it’s great for 80s classics.)
3. Just reading stuff.
4. Watching my Facebook feed.
5. Turntable.fm
6. Going to a show, and
(a) catching the opening band (or bands).
(b) talking to other people at the show.
(c) looking at the bill of other upcoming artists.
7. Driving by a venue, and looking at the sign of upcoming shows.
8. Going to a festival.
9. Watching a festival on YouTube.
10. Checking out the flyer for a festival, and trying out a few artists I don’t know.
11. Going to a bar. A band starts playing.
12. Seeing a movie. Checking out the soundtrack or composer when I get home.
13. Watching a DVD. Checking out the soundtrack or composer later.
14. Going to a party or get together, noticing what’s playing.
15. Eavesdropping on a music conversation.
16. Singing karaoke.
17. Walking down a street in congested urban area with music blaring out of cars. New York works great for this.
18. Going out to eat.
19. Hearing a sample in a rap song. Researching the sample, and discovering an old band.
20. Listening to a song that references another artist (shout out, whatever, ie, Drake referencing Mac Dre, etc.)
21. Turning on a Pandora station.
22. Turning on a Songza station.
23. Opening Spotify, and checking out any number of embedded apps.
24. Opening the Rdio iPad app, checking out new releases and top charting albums.
25. Checking out any number of charts:
(a) BigChampagne’s Ultimate Chart
(b) Billboard’s Hot 100, top 200 albums, etc.
(c) Spotify’s most-listened…
(d) etc.
26. Noticing someone’s t-shirt.
27. Turning on FM radio.
28. Turning off FM radio, and turning on Sirius XM Radio.
29. Attending a sporting event.
30. Opening the iTunes Store, and looking at featured releases.
31. Opening my own iTunes collection, and playing something I don’t even recognize (that I downloaded long ago).

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