Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon and Gallows’ Wade MacNeil Engage in Twitter Spat

From Spinner:

That old adage about fire and gasoline not mixing proved true this morning, as Gallows and Alexisonfire singer-guitarist Wade MacNeil and Gaslight Anthem leader Brian Fallon engaged in a war of words via Twitter.

“Recently found out that @brianmfallon hates my old band,” MacNeil — referring to Alexisonfire — tweeted earlier today. “Luckily @VICE summarized what I think of his.”

MacNeil included a link to a recent VICE magazine article by Anthony Pappalardo titled “I Thought Nickelback Was the Worst Band On Earth But It’s Really Gaslight Anthem.”

“Actually, I didn’t even need to hear Gaslight Anthem to know they suck, all I had to do was read their list of influences: They’re suburban dudes who used to like bands on Fueled By Ramen, and maybe Jawbreaker, before they discovered ‘real rock ‘n’ roll,'” Pappalardo wrote in the article. “Bands like this go on about how Nebraska or Blonde on Blonde changed their lives, but when you hear their music it’s just a Blink 182 beat and a fart noise.”

“@dirtyblacklungs I dont even know who your old band is there, guy,” Fallon replied via Twitter. “Wonderful to meet you.”

“@dirtyblacklungs hey, how about you direct message me an not talk shit on the Internet?” Fallon added with another tweet shortly thereafter.

“Dont worry…I’m a grown up,” Fallon continued in another tweet. “There’s no fighting and I never heard an Alexis on Fire in my life to like or not like. #askfirstshootlater.” Fallon then said he would go back to tweeting about Bon Iver.

Later on Fallon added a bit more to the conversation. “Just checked out alexisonfire…solid band,” he tweeted. “Love the Gallows! sorry @dirtyblacklungs but I like you. Good luck with everything!”

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