Oracle forced to admit paying bloggers to influence media coverage

From BBC:

Oracle has disclosed two names after it and Google were ordered to reveal finciancial ties to people who might have influenced coverage of a trial .

The instruction had been given by a US judge following a copyright and patent lawsuit fought by the two tech firms.

Oracle said it had relationships with blogger Florian Mueller and Stanford University’s Prof Paul Goldstein.

Google said it did not pay any “journalists, bloggers, or other commentators to write about this case”.

However, the search giant added that it needed further guidance before being able to disclose others it had financial ties to.

The judge had said he was “concerned” that financial relationships might have influenced analysis published in newspapers and on the net.

The trial had centred on Oracle’s claim that it was owed about $1bn (£640m) in compensation for Google’s use of its technologies in the Android system.

But the jury ruled that the patents involved had not been breached, while a judge dismissed the key copyright claim – a decision against which Oracle has said it would “vigorously appeal”.

Oracle is one of the world’s biggest technology firms specialising in computer servers, databases and other services to industry. Its systems power many of the online services used by smartphone and PC users.

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