New audio from The Avalanches released

The Avalanches have uploaded a demo of their first track in over a decade. Originating in Australia, the infamous super-DJs have produced ‘A Cowboy Overflow Of The Heart (Demo)’, their first public release since one of the greatest mixes of all time in ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ in 2000.

The spoken word track features poet David Berman but is described as “New track from The Avalanches” on tonedeaf’s SoundCloud page.

LISTEN // ‘A Cowboy Overflow Of The Heart (Demo)’

The Avalanches have been teasing for years about the prospect of a follow up album to the hit Since I Left You in November 2000. Rumours heightened in 2006 when Modular Recordings released a press statement saying the new material is “sounding like everything we dared no hope for, an so much more”.

Via AltSounds