You can never have enough Johnny Cash. A 63-CD box set? Bring. It. On.

Columbia Records will release a giant Johnny Cash box set in October chronicling the artist’s career with the label. Johnny Cash: The Complete Columbia Album Collection is a whopping 63-disc set that begins in 1958, when Cash was 26 years old.

The set will feature 35 albums being released on CD for the first time, as well as two records that are exclusive to the collection, Johnny Cash With His Hot & Blue Guitar and The Singles. The latter is a two-disc recording that contains 55 singles not originally included on albums, plus guest performances on albums by Bob Dylan, The Carter Family, Willie Nelson and Shel Silverstein, just to name a few.

The set also includes several rarities with three live albums that were released outside the U.S.: Johnny Cash pa Osteraker, recorded at Osteraker Prison in Sweden in 1972, Strawberry Cake, recorded at the Palladium in London in 1975, and Koncert V Praze, recorded at the Sport Hall in Prague in 1978.

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