Kat Deluna “Wanna See U Dance” Video premieres on RyanSeacrest.com

It’s been a while since we have received new music from pop singer Kat DeLuna. Her hit song “Whine Up” topped the charts in 2007, even making it to number one on the Billboard dance/club song chart, and now she’s got a new track set to do the same.

Exclusively on RyanSeacrest.com they’ve got the world premiere of Kat’s music video for “Wanna See U Dance.” The song is the first single off of Kat’s upcoming album ViVa Out Loud, set to be released later this year. Check out the video below.

And how do we know that the song is going to be successful? Well, we asked Kat herself how she knows when she got a hit. Here is what she told us: “The first fifteen seconds from when we start writing it. If it doesn’t feel good right away, it’s not a hit.”

On Her Dream Collaboration:
“I would love, love to collaborate with Kanye West. I think that would be crazy. Believe it or not, Gotye. I think that I would do amazing and a hot song with them. I love the music.”

On The Album Title ViVa Out Loud:
“That’s how I live. You have to live loud. It’s amazing. It’s very musical because it has new sounds. I have ballads, but infused with crazy dub step. And then again, I’m giving you guys the hard core pop, Latin, dance infused dance songs, but with something new.”