Is digital hoarding dragging you down?

From Digital Trends:

Cheap hard drives and cloud storage have made it possible never to delete a file ever again. But should we stop selecting what we save just because we can?

I used to hoard a little bit. I’m not talking about floor-to-ceiling newspapers and envelopes of toenail clippings here, just some assorted tech junk. When I had children, we needed more room and so the junk had to go. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the need to keep old consoles and games you don’t play anymore, bits of old computers that still work perfectly well, a big bag of assorted wires and adapters, you know, just in case. My wife made me go through it and applied a ruthless rule: If it hasn’t been touched for over a year, or I don’t know what it’s for, then it has to go.

There were boxes that had been packed up two moves ago and never re-opened; old remote controls for DVD players and computers that I don’t even own anymore; US power cables still in their packaging because some devices shipped with both (I live in the UK); two broken PCs that I was planning to one day assimilate into what would be an antiquated and useless computer. Many things I couldn’t even identify. In the end I threw everything away or gave it away.

It felt great. It was a cathartic experience. I felt unburdened. Free of the pressure that I would one day organize and find a useful purpose for all of this stuff. Real world hoarding gets plenty of press nowadays, and we know it’s bad for us, but what about the junk we collect in the virtual world?

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