Domino Drip heralds the subscription record label

From The Telegraph:

Subscribing to record labels, and even to artists themselves, could be the future for music fans. Domino Records is one label trying it out.

Subscriptions are in fashion at the moment. Where a decade ago the brains behind digital media were pinning their hopes on advertising revenue to fund websites, online video and streaming music services, now the thinking is that a small monthly payment is the answer.

Netflix, the streaming video service which launched in Britain in January, announced last week that it now has one million members in this country, all paying £6 a month for unlimited films and television shows. Apple’s Newsstand, which delivers subscription-based newspapers and magazines to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users, is attracting more and more publishers. Earlier this year, magazine publisher Future said that digital revenue had increased by 37 per cent, with 830,000 virtual magazines sold on Newsstand.

In digital music, Spotify is the standard bearer for the all-you-can-eat subscription model. The service now has four million paying users, though it also offers a limited advertising-supported service for those who are not yet subscribers.

At the other end of the scale from Spotify is the iTunes model: as with a traditional record shop, you pay for the songs or albums that you want and they are yours to keep.

Now Domino Records, the label behind major names in alternative music including Animal Collective, Pavement, Dirty Projectors and Franz Ferdinand, is trying a different approach. Domino Drip offers a subscription to Domino and the labels it works with.

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