How Shazam stayed on top by reinventing itself — twice

Andrew Fisher

From VentureBeat:

Naming that tune has been the name of Shazam’s game for more than decade. But should you confuse Shazam for a predictable, tired old company, you’re even more clueless than the perplexed person who can’t place a familiar track.

Founded in 2000, London-based Shazam is mostly recognized as the go-to mobile music application for song identification. It’s mobile applications have a following of 225 million people worldwide (90 million in the U.S.), who put it to use at least 10 million times per day.

Not content with owning the small but cozy category of mobile music discovery, Shazam has spent the past two-and-a-half years pushing forward with a strategy designed to remake the company as a modern-day media mogul. It’s recently taken to the television airways with Shazam-enable broadcasts and advertisements. But that is only the first part of a multifaceted Shazam media blitz that includes a move into retail and other sectors — in due time.

“We’ve got many ambitions and ideas about how we can make this more ubiquitous and be more helpful in people’s everyday lives,” Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher told VentureBeat in an extensive interview.

To fully grasp where the company is headed, one first has to understand its past.

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