Q&A: Britt Daniel on New Supergroup Divine Fits and the Future of Spoon

From Rolling Stone:

“I’m in two bands now,” says Britt Daniel, who recently formed Divine Fits with Dan Boeckner (formerly of Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs) and drummer Sam Brown (the New Bomb Turks). The trio just released their psychedelic, synth-heavy LP A Thing Called the Divine Fits, with highlights ranging from the jagged, heavy rocker “Would That Not Be Nice” to the hypnotizing, electronics-drenched “The Salton Sea.”

For Daniel, starting Divine Fits was a way to experiment after nearly two decades in the Austin rock band Spoon. “I wanted to try some new things and go some places I haven’t gone before,” he says. “I love first and foremost being in a band where I can back somebody up and somebody can back me up. [Dan] has a great voice, and I like playing that role of adding to his songs.” He chatted with Rolling Stone about his new supergroup’s recording process, their touring plans and Spoon’s new songwriting formula.

New songs like “The Salton Sea” or “For Your Heart” have these spacey textures and build very minimally. When was it evident that that was the direction that you wanted to go with Divine Fits?
I mean, that’s what people have been saying about my music for awhile. I guess it’s the only way I know how to make records, because I never thought about it. I never thought about it until people started saying that to me after [Spoon’s] Kill the Moonlight. We kind of just got together and said, “Let’s see what happens.” I remember us saying several times – and Sam, too, because he was involved from the beginning – saying, “Let’s not play by any rules and we’ll just see what happens. You know, we’re not going to have anything established ahead of time, like this is going to be a band of this. We’re not going do this style or use these instruments; let’s just see what happens.” And I think that’s been a good thing for the record.

How did Divine Fits start?
I’ve known Dan for a long time. I met him at a Handsome Furs show. I was just walking around before the show and he was walking around. It was a small club in Portland, and he came up and talked to me. He had listened to Spoon records since he was in high school, apparently. So we met then and he played with Spoon at Radio City Music Hall. Then I was talking to him on the phone and he said that Wolf Parade was kind of dying out, and so I said immediately, “Well, we’ve got to start a band, then.” I kind of threw it out there as a joke, but he took to it.

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