125 students in Harvard “Introduction to Congress” class are under investigation for cheating and plagiarism

From Boston Herald:

A cheating scandal is unfolding behind the hallowed halls of Harvard University where as many as 125 students are under investigation for collaborating on a take-home final exam in a U.S. Congress class last spring, according to the school and the school’s newspaper.

The students face expulsion for up to a year if they are found to have cheated. One Harvard student said the scope of the probe at the prestigious university has shocked the Cambridge campus.

“It’s been big news … I think everyone is very surprised,” senior Ben Samuels, 21, said. “It’s a hugely significant number of students. More than anything else, people are just reacting to how major this is.”

Samuels, who is president of the Harvard Crimson newspaper, which reported the class investigators are targeting and spoke to a student who took the class, said students are waiting to see what happens next.

“We take academic integrity very seriously because it goes to the heart of our educational mission,” Michael D. Smith, dean of the faculty of Arts and Sciences said in a statement. “Academic dishonesty cannot and will not be tolerated at Harvard.”

The college’s Administrative Board, a faculty panel that has been investigating the allegations of copying and sharing test answers for months, found a class with more than 250 take-home examinations given out at the end of the semester came under suspicion because answers were so similar.

“The review has resulted in cases before the Administrative Board involving nearly half the students in the class,” a school statement read.

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