American Airlines’ First Class Twitter Strategy

From Contently:

From 6 a.m. to midnight, customer service representatives are on American Airlines’ Twitter to answer questions from customers, as well as take care of any problems that may arise, according to the company’s Social Media Specialist Stephanie Scott.

The stream is mostly made up of these inquiries. On June 12, for example, a representative had a back-and-forth with user @srboilers, who complained about “condescending flight attendants” on her airplane. Within an hour AA apologized for an attendant’s behavior, promising to move the matter ”forward to the appropriate manager.”

Scott says that addressing customers in this fashion is a main goal of the account.

“We’re able to take probably about 50 percent of customer issues and turn them around,” she said. ”We can resolve issues and make them happy. The company believes it’s an important new tool for helping people.”

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