Video of woman snuggling up to man goes viral on YouTube. Jealous wife now enters into the story.

From This Is Croydon Today:

The jealous wife of a commuter demanded answers after a YouTube clip of another woman snuggling up to her husband on a train went viral.

Croydon resident Rakesh Nair was travelling on London Underground’s Jubilee line late at night when the stranger began cuddling his arm after falling asleep.

However, unluckily for Mr Nair, one of the clip’s 457,000 viewers appears to have been his wife – who became convinced something was “going on”.

He said: “I got into trouble with my wife who thought it must be something quite serious.

“She didn’t think it was funny to begin with. She thought it was a work colleague or someone I knew and started accusing me of these things.

“I said ‘I didn’t know the woman’. She was convinced, eventually, and saw the funny side. All is well.

“Most people getting home at that time have been working and are obviously very tired, they don’t quite know what’s happening.”

The woman, understood to be Colombian Paula Jovel who is now living in the Czech Republic, later embarrassingly woke up to find she had snuggled up to a complete stranger.

Mr Nair lives with wife Latha and their seven-year-old son and commutes to London as for his job as head chef of the The Cinnamon Club, an Indian restaurant in Westminster.