Public Enemy score surprise U.K. hit, and gets it right. Again.

From Rolling Stone:

Despite offering up some of hip-hop’s greatest anthems – “Fight the Power,” “Bring the Noise,” “You’re Gonna Get Yours,” etc. – surprisingly, Public Enemy never scored a true hit single in the United States. But England is another story, as they’ve logged quite a few legitimate hits there throughout their career. And PE have just obtained their highest-ever charting single overseas, “Harder Than You Think,” which has reached number 4 on the latest chart.

As many artists are doing nowadays, Public Enemy completely bypassed radio – the song (originally released in 2007) was featured in an advertisement for the Channel Four “Meet the Superhumans” campaign for the 2012 Paralympics, which began airing throughout the U.K. in July.

“The music supervisor thought it would be a perfect fit,” Chuck D tells Rolling Stone. “In the midst of releasing a new album, a lot of people also thought it was a brand new cut, because we had one of our songs exposed – which really makes you look at, like, if these exposure areas would expose more artists and better songs, then these reactions would be natural, instead of a company that just hogs up the air, forcing a lot of meaningless songs down people’s ears.

“If they played ‘Harder Than You Think’ on urban radio two times a day, three times a day, it would probably do the same thing here,” he adds. “And the thing about the U.K., they blasted it through television. So that shows the power of being able to have opportunity on major media – even more so than the strength of the song.”

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