Guest told to delete photos of derailed Legoland train. Enter The Internet.

From Relax:

The Legoland Express that went off track last Thursday was captured on film by a Stomp reader, but he was told to delete it.

Legoland Malaysia told AsiaOne on Tuesday that it has not been able to verify the claims of the Stomp contributor and are looking in the matter.

The reader, who goes by the nickname GeneralStomp, was apparently told by staff at Legoland, Johor Bahru’s newest attraction, to delete the pictures that he had taken of the derailed train.

The train chugs around parts of the 31ha park, which has seven themed sections with about 40 rides.

In a statement to AsiaOne, Chris Palmer, Director of Operations at Legoland Malaysia said: “Safety is our No. 1 priority at Legoland. There was an incident on Thursday involving the Legoland Express which is a walking pace train ride around the park. No one was injured in the incident. The issue has been resolved.

“We operate all our rides in line with the Legoland international safety standards.

“The park is not yet open to the public.”

He added: “We pride ourselves in the overall park experience we give our visitors and we welcome feedback from all our guests. Our mission is to give them all the best possible park experience. This is an ongoing process.”

AsiaOne understands that all the rides at Legoland Malaysia have already been tested and it is currently the preview period for selected invited guests. The contributor to Stomp was at one of the previews.

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