Google has hidden Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon tool

From Seattlepi:

Google just got really awesome.

Awesome meaning you probably won’t get any more work done today because you’ll be playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon for the next four hours.

Here’s what you do: Go to Google and type “Bacon number” (without the quotes) followed by the name of any actor.

See what happens.

It’s a so-called Easter egg — a hidden time-killing gem recently instigated by Google.

Google engineer Yossi Matias told the Hollywood Reporter that it’s an obvious example of how Google is able to pinpoint the connections between people.

“It’s interesting that this small-world phenomena when applied to the world of actors actually shows that in most cases, most actors aren’t that far apart from each other,” Matias told the Reporter. “And most of them have a relatively small Bacon number.”

Barack Obama’s “Bacon number” is just one. See if you can figure that out before typing it into Google.