Lady Gaga sees her likeness being sold as sketches by 20-year-old Tumblr user. So she hires the girl for the Haus of Gaga creative team.

From The Daily Mail:

It’s not everyday that superstar Lady Gaga sends a message to her 29 million Twitter followers to compliment a girl she has met just once.

But in this amazing role reversal, the Queen of pop became an overnight fan of 20-year-old artist Helen Green after she was stunned by her portraits of the star.

And after a chance encounter, a new friendship and artistic collaboration was born.

The pair united at the singer’s Born This Way Ball in Twickenham on Sunday and as a guest of Skype, Helen’s dreams came true after Gaga immediately fell in love with her sketches and asked her to be the first member of her Haus of Gaga creative team.

‘Haus of Gaga’ is Lady Gaga’s own creative production team. She personally handles the team, and they are in charge of creating a lot of her everyday clothes, stage clothes and hair style.

26-year-old Lady Gaga immediately took to twitter to share the great news.

‘Welcome to the Haus of Gaga my angel of an artist,’ she tweeted.

‘The first Little Monster to become part of Haus collective. See u soon!’

She was so impressed by Helen’s work that she immediately used one of her portraits as the background of her Twitter page.

Honoured Helen took to her Twitter page and said: ‘I didn’t think my work would eventually create impact like this.

‘I am seriously honoured. Lady Gaga, thank you so much.’

Helen has already forged a firm fan base with nearly 6,000 likes on her Facebook page and over 9,000 Twitter followers.