Here’s The Thing: Alec Baldwin Interviews Fred Armisen – WNYC [AUDIO]

This week, Alec talks with Fred Armisen. Armisen has been a punk rock drummer, currently he’s a cast member on Saturday Night Live and is also the co-creator and co-star of IFC’s Portlandia. Armisen has always been ambitious; when he was a drummer, he recalls, he always “wanted much more.”

Long ago, Armisen played drums with the Blue Man Group in Chicago and he tells Alec he learned a lot: about “simplicity,” “reinvention” and “that audiences want to be entertained.” Armisen admits that he’s always working; when SNL is on hiatus, he’s producing Portlandia. But he still dreams about what might come next: “I want to invent a type of entertainment that is really blurry between comedy and something else. That doesn’t have a name yet…another level of fooling people as opposed to just doing a character. Something a little bigger than that.”