Shazam hits 250 million users and adds TV tagging capability

From The Telegraph:

Shazam users will be able to ‘tag’ any TV show on any channel in order to find out what music is playing, who the actors are and more.

Until now Shazam let users tag music as well as certain sponsored television shows and adverts by tapping a button in the app.

Now users can use the App while watching television to identify featured music, access cast information and get links to show information online.

Different types of programmes will feature different results

They also have the ability to share and comment on the show on Facebook and Twitter.

The new features will work on more than 160 channels of television programming in the United States regardless of whether users subscribe to cable or satellite television.

According to Shazam the App, which works on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android devices, gets more than two million users per week.