Coalition Music (OLP, Finger Eleven, Simple Plan) is currently looking for new artists and bands for their Artist Entrepreneur program

Coalition Music Artist Entrepreneur Program

Coalition Music is currently looking for serious new artists and bands to participate in their Artist Entrepreneur program which starts on October 15th and runs full time (Mon-Thurs) for 10-Weeks straight. This is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on, career/business consultation with their in-house team of experts in social media, marketing, promotion, publicity, touring and live sound. Email to learn more about this opportunity!

Program Run Time: October 15th 2012 – December 20th 2012

The Music industry is going through profound changes that have resulted in artists being required to develop themselves on their own. The decline in major label driven artist development dollars has left many artists in need of substantial entrepreneur skills to launch their careers.

Get your career on the right path by tapping into Coalition Music’s expert team of in-house managers, marketers, social media, touring, promotion, and publicity experts.

Program covers:

Building Your Business & Brand

• Running a Business
• Business Registration
• Trademark
• Evaluating your Business
• Goal Setting
• Branding
• Band, Sidemen and Producer Deals
• Pitching yourself to the industry
• Communication and Conflict Resolution
• Running effective meetings
• Record Labels, Agents, Managers, and Distribution.

Songwriting, Recording & Performing

• Producer Consultation (one-one)

• Studio Recording
• Performing Rights Organizations (SOCAN; Re;Sound)
• Live Gear (monitors, in-ears, microphones, live mix)
• Song Writing Collaborations
• Music Publishing (ownership, shares, splits, and deals)
• Live Recording
• Performance Coaching
• Showcase Opportunity

Finances & Funding

• Income Streams
• Insurance and Risk Assessment
• Business Management (taxes, bank accounts, investments, debt)
• Funding Programs and Applications

Marketing, Social Media, Promotion & Publicity

• Online & Social Media Audits
• Fan Engagement (newsletters, blogs, vlogs, podcasting)
• Marketing Consultations
• Marketing Campaigns
• Media Kits
• Media Training
• Publicity
• Radio Promotion
• Sponsorship & Endorsements
• Charitable Affiliations

Tour Logistics, Merchandise @ Content Creation

• Contracts
• Immigration & Customs
• Technical and Hospitality Riders
• Budgeting
• Routing
• Production and Crew
• Logistics
• Equipment Endorsements
• Merchandise

Show Bookings and Industry Networking

• Getting Shows
• Breaking into New Markets
• Building a Fan Base
• Booking Agents & Promoters
• Networking Events & Conferences

Who is Coalition Music

Eric Lawrence and Rob Lanni started working together in the mid ’80s having worked with such acts as Sheriff (EMI), Frozen Ghost (Warner) and Wild ‘T’ & The Spirit (Warner). They formed Coalition Entertainment Management in 1992 when they began managing Our Lady Peace (Columbia)

Coalition has built a reputation of developing successful touring acts. This has been accomplished by a strong belief that touring is paramount in the development of an artist’s career. Coalition is a full service management company; music licensing, online creative, press and publicity departments are just a glimpse into the fully developed company that Coalition has evolved into since its inception.

Current recording artist roster includes: Our Lady Peace (Sony/BMG) ,Finger Eleven (Wind-Up), Simple Plan (Atlantic), These Kids Wear Crowns (EMI), Faber Drive (604), USS (Sony ATV), Justin Nozuka (Coalition Records/Warner), Incura (Coalition Records) and Hello Operator (Coalition Records/Warner)

Program Instructors and Teachers

Classes are taught by a variety of Coalition staff members, including both co-founders of Coalition Music (Rob Lanni & Eric Lawrence). Artist will be provided with a hands-on look at today’s music industry via our day-to-day artist management, label, and studio operations.

Past Guest Speakers
 Jason Parsons, USS
 Jay Abraham, CGA
 Chris Case, Insurance Broker
 Jeremy Taggart, Our Lady Peace
 Duncan Coutts, Our Lady Peace
 Graham Stairs, Pop Guru
 Chad Richardson, Ole Music Publishing
 Jordan Jacobs, Entertainment Lawyer
 Tom Kemp, Feldman & Associates
 Arnold Lanni, Producer
 Rodney Murphy, SOCAN
 Void, The Envy
 Chad “Buddah” Cardinal, Promoter
 David Hayman, Music Supervisor
 Jennifer Johnson, Stylist
 Bonnie Fedrau, Entertainment Business
 Bob Ezrin, Producer
 Ian Mackay, Re:Sound
 Phil Gumbley, FACTOR
 Victor Mijares, Warner Music
 Gordon Van Dyke, Psychologist
 Skye Sweetnam, Artist
 Sandy Pandya, Pandyamonium (Artist Manager)
 Todd Bedard, Student Life (Online Community Building)
 Tim Timlek, Session Musician
 Inch Chua, Artist (Singapore)
 Sean Anderson, Finger Eleven
 Vic Florencia, Mixer/Engineer
 Miro Oballa, Taylor, Klein, Oballa (Lawyer)
 Nathan Quinn, A&R/Label Acquisitions, eOne Music
 Matt Fortier, Re:Sound
 Brent Bain, FACTOR
 Michael Perlmutter, Music Supervisor, Instinct Entertainment
 Barb Sedun, EMI Music Publishing
 Pat Murphy, Talent Buyer, The Union
 Jason Furman, Feldman & Associates
 Joao Carvalho, Mastering Engineer
 Jeff Leake, SiriusXM
 Julian Tuck, CBC Radio2
 Aaron Key & Ryan Kondrat, Pirate Toronto
 Joel Baskin, Feldman & Associates

Program Start Date: Monday October 15th 2012 until December 20th 2012

Program Length: 10-Week Session. Monday to Thursday from 10am-4pm

Location: Coalition Music Head Office (1731 Lawrence Ave., E. in Toronto, just east of Victoria Park). Easily accessible via the Don Valley Parkway and public transit (TTC,YRT)

Cost: The program cost is $7,500 + HST. However, all applicants are eligible for a partial scholarship of up to $5,000 courtesy of Astral Radio, Bell Media Radio or Corus Radio. The total cost with the maximum partial scholarship is $2,500 + HST. Scholarships are subject to availability, the submission of a completed application form, and an interview with Coalition Music. There are no other costs.


“I just want to say this has been the greatest educational experience of my life. I’ve never been in a more welcoming and open environment. Being able to discuss and work through issues with knowledgeable guidance is unheard of and I really appreciate it. And I’ve had all sorts of schooling, from private music lessons to undergraduate chemistry, research, and grad school.”
-Taylor Battista

“I thoroughly enjoyed each day here at Coalition. I feel I learned so much in the last 10 weeks. There are so many aspects of the business I was unaware of but now can’t ignore. I look forward to applying all the things I learned to my career going forward.”
-Melissa Heise

“It feels like there is finally some guidance for us in what often seemed like a blind walk of trial and error through this industry. Because of this, there has been a certain level of energy in the band that I have personally never seen in the six years we’ve been together. It’s also surprising what a little bit of attention to our business side has done for it so far.”
-Tyrone Buccione

“We’ve spent many years living together, hitting the road touring, performing, rehearsing and really grinding as best as we knew how. We’re already structuring ourselves better, delegating tasks and working out our goals so that it doesn’t take us another five years of doing things the hard way!”
-Ryan Watson

“I think the AE program is amazing! It’s added a LOT of new perspective to my career, and has already given me direction and focus in some key areas.”
-Drew Leith

It was great building relationships with Coalition and artists who are like-minded to your cause. I really enjoyed everyone that came in and would suggest it to any entrepreneurial artist who would like to become a strong entity in the industry.”
-Dustin “Dizzy” Overhill