What happens when Alyssa Milano retweets you.

From Experience The Blog:

One of the many joys of social media is the way, every now and then, something completely unexpected occurs. This happened to me last week when Alyssa Milano retweeted one of my tweets to her 2.2 million followers (via a RT from @heykim). No, the actress didn’t suddenly take an interest in my social media musings; she shared a photo I took of the One World Trade Center lit in red, white and blue to commemorate September 11.

So, what happens when a celebrity retweets you? I thought this unique situation would provide some interesting insights. Would my follower count jump? Would my Klout and Kred score leap? Would I get cast in Alyssa’s next project?

In the end, very little happened, and that’s probably as it should be. My Twitter “Connect” stream got very busy for several hours, but despite garnering 135 retweets and 5,597 clicks to the photo, my follower count changed only modestly–instead of my usual dozen or so new followers per day, my count increased by 99 followers in four days before returning to a normal rate.

I wondered if these two tweets would increase my influence scores. I’m not sure they should–the fact many folks liked two of my photos hardly makes me more influential on any topic, but these two tweets also represented a considerable amount of virality. From August 1 to September 12, I posted 500 tweets, and my pair of tweets last week represented more than two-thirds of the retweets and favorites received over this six-week period. (Hours slaving over research, writing and proofing blog posts, and all it takes is a couple snaps of my cell phone camera to deliver retweets, faves and replies–I think I’m doing it the hard way!)

So, did I become more influential according to the two influence-measurement services? In the days following my 9/9 photo tweet, my Klout score rose somewhat less than three points and my Kred score added five points–Klout increased almost four percent while my Kred score rose little more than 0.5%.

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