More “unreleased” tracks by The Jackson 5 are on the way

From Paste Magazine:

It’s nearly unbelievable that, some 40 years after they were recorded, there are still “unreleased” tracks by The Jackson 5. It’s a testament to the sheer, Herculean work ethic at Motown in the ‘60s and early ’70s that, in addition to the 10 albums the J5 released between 1969 and 1975, there would be four more albums’ worth of material recorded, mixed and mastered that was basically just sitting around. But here we are, just three years after another dozen unreleased tracks were issued (2009’s I Want You Back! Unreleased Masters), staring down a collection of 32 more lost tracks.

While much of the material here doesn’t rise to the level of the J5’s hits, it’s not a stretch to point out that much of the material on their contemporaneous albums didn’t either; this was, after all, a group defined by their singles. Still, what’s fascinating about The Rare Pearls is how much experimentation was done by the Corporation. (Motown’s post-Holland-Dozier-Holland in-house production team, the Corporation’s main task was writing and choosing the group’s songs and producing and arranging the sessions; the Corporation’s Deke Richards compiled and produced this set.) Now, of course that experimentation didn’t take the form of trying out 10-minute psych-soul jams a la The Temptations, but in trying to determine the best material for the group. And lots was tried, including tons of cover versions.