Peter Buck releases new album – on vinyl only

From Paste Magazine:

After R.E.M. officially disbanded last year, Peter Buck began work on his first solo record. He confirmed he sings on eight of the albums 12 tracks (McCaughey and Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker sing on the others). The album also features Bill Rieflin on drums, Lenny Kaye on lead guitar and The Decemberists’ Jenny Conlee.

“We recorded and mixed it in four and a half days,” Buck said, “and I’m hoping if I were to do another one to do it a little faster. I’m gonna try to get it down to two days. I only believe in doing things once and everyone laughs at me, but that’s really how I do it. And, you know, I love the way that that feels, and I love the spontaneity and I like the mistakes.”

Buck is releasing the album through vinyl-only label Mississippi Records later this year. “If I had wanted to make it a CD, the CD would’ve been out three months ago,” he said, “but vinyl is what I want to do for right now. It’s a record—like all records, people will have to look for it, I guess. It’s not gonna be in Walmart. We’ll see about the digital. I’m sure it’ll be out before, say, Thanksgiving. I say that with hope.”