Bill taking effect across the UK next month could change the live music landscape completely

From The Unsigned Guide:

The Live Music Act, passed in March this year and to take effect from October, deregulates the llive music icensing for small scale venues which should hopefully encourage the grassroots scene, borne out of smaller pubs and venues, to flourish once more. UK Music have conducted some research which shows that come October potentially 13,000 venues could now stage live music for the first time and more than 20,000 venues should be able to increase their provision for live music. So, let’s here it for the Live Music Act…Hip, Hip, Hooray!

• 13,000 venues could now stage live music for the first time

• 23,000 venues could increase their provision of live music

Today (Friday 21st September) UK Music unveils new research into the potential impact of the Live Music Act 2012.

Passed as an Act of Parliament in March 2012, the Live Music Act will see the deregulation of live performance* in venues of no more than 200 people.

UK Music, commissioned The Market Research Group at the University of Bournemouth to survey 1000 premises to look at the potential impact of the Act.

The research has found that despite 2.4 million live music performances taking place in the 12 months that immediately preceded the survey, the UK appetite for live music is not nearly being met.