CBS knows why it still loves ‘I Love Lucy’: $20 million of income annually

From The Today Show:

Here’s one business scheme of Lucy’s that her eternally-bemused husband Desi might actually approve of: Over 50 years after the classic sitcom “I Love Lucy,” which starred Lucille Ball and real-life husband Desi Arnaz, went off the air, it’s still a big income generator for studio CBS, according to the LA Times.

The show brings in around $20 million to the studio annually, according to CBS Chief Executive Leslie Moonves, speaking at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference in New York Thursday.

“I Love Lucy” aired from 1951-57, and featured Ball and Arnaz as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo; the couple were married for 20 years and owned a production company, Desilu Productions, together. The series currently shows in reruns on TV Land.