NME, first published in 1952, today releases a 60th birthday special-issue, complete with the first edition reprinted inside.

NME, first published in 1952, today releases a 60th birthday special-issue, complete with the first edition reprinted inside. In the pages of this collectors’ issue some of the most influential artists in music talk about NME and all that it is famous for. Honouring a lifetime of iconic covers, eight different covers have been produced, starring some of the biggest names in music.

This collectors’ issue truly captures NME’s musical heritage, with readers able to see the then and now of this publication. Starting as it meant to go on, the first front cover featured some of the greatest names in music at the time; Ivy Benson, Kenny Baker and Dickie Valentine. Now known for being opinionated, NME’s first opinions are voiced with articles such as “Radio Reviews”, “Jazz clubs review the Jazz Discs” and “Argument: Dixie Group v Big Band”. Striving to always report from the forefront of the music scene, “U.S. Flash” gave the latest news on Louis Armstrong, Patti Page and Billy May and a letter from New York tells readers of the success of Alan Dean in America, showing that authoritative reporting is inscribed in NME’s history.

NME is renowned for producing distinct covers and this special edition is no different. Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller, Patti Smith, Arctic Monkeys, John Lydon, The Killers and Manic Street Preachers, pose with their most famous covers to create eight striking front pages. Each artist discusses what it means to them to be on the front of NME. This eight cover special illustrates NME’s individuality, appropriate for a birthday issue which expresses what makes this publication so special.

Mike Williams, editor of NME, says:
“We are proud of all that NME has become known for – striking photography, authoritative reporting, strong opinions and interviews with the most iconic artists in music. That’s why we put together a birthday issue unlike any of the others, to express what makes this magazine so special. Eight covers illustrate NME’s individuality and personal recollections from some of the biggest names in music show the rapport NME has with these stars.”

Emily Hutchings, publishing director of NME, says:
“This birthday issue is an emblem for all this magazine is famous for. The reprint of the first ever issue takes readers on a journey through NME’s history, showing how NME has evolved with the ever changing music landscape to continue bringing readers authoritative and cutting edge reporting.”

This issue goes on sale 26 September, with a cover price of £2.70.