INFOGRAPHIC – EDM Ticket Sales Driven By Social Media + More Findings

Independent social ticketing platform Ticketfly has released an infographic detailing the purchase patterns of electronic dance music (EDM) concert attendees. Among the findings include social media being the primary source of nearly six times more ticket sales for EDM events when compared to other events. EDM fans also tend to buy 1.6 tickets per order on average, whereas for all other Ticketfly events, the order size averages about 2 tickets per order. Facebook mobile users also drove three times more ticket sales for EDM events.

Ticketfly’s research also indicate that social media drives twice as many EDM ticket sales than regular search methods. 13% of sales came from search, while 23% sales from social media. Interesting numbers considering that in other genres, search typically drives five times more ticket sales than social media. EDM fans tend to discover their events based on recommendations from their social graph and thus go directly to the purchase from links on social networks, bypassing search engines.

EDM fans also seem to purchase fewer tickets per order – usually one ticket per order. While it’s tough to pinpoint exactly why this is the case, it likely has to do with the inherent communal qualities of a shared EDM experience. Speaking generally, EDM fans like to view themselves are part of a community, which makes it less inclined to pair up in advance of an event.

Lastly, men were seen to buy up to 70% of the tickets for some EDM venues – which is interesting considering that women tend to be more active on social media (58% and 64% of Facebook and Twitter’s users, respectively, are female). Since social media drives much of the EDM ticket sales as mentioned above, it’s an interesting discovery to see that so many men are the ones actually buying the tickets.

Via Hypebot