After 14 Million Plays, the Dead Kennedys Received a Few Hundred Dollars from YouTube

From Digital Music News:

We’ve seen some really sad numbers for YouTube superstars like Susan Boyle and even Rebecca Black. But when it comes to depressingly-low YouTube royalties, Dead Kennedys may take the cake. According to stats just shared by the group, YouTube paid just ‘a few hundred dollars’ on an aggregate of 14 million streams. And, the band has no idea how they arrived at that number.

Here’s what guitarist Raymond Pepperell (aka ‘East Bay Ray’) told NPR over the weekend.

“I don’t know — and no one I know knows — how YouTube calculates the money. What YouTube claims is irrelevant until they produce how much they’ve made off my band and how much they’ve shared with my band. Don’t let them bulls— you that it’s too